From Start to Finish

Cascade Denture Center prides itself  on being there with you every step of the way. Below you will find a  rough layout describing the process from beginning to end. We have also  included some tips to help you with the process. We look forward to  meeting you in person and helping you on your journey to a new beautiful  smile.

The Start

Your  experience with Cascade Denture Center will begin  with a thorough  consultation (pictured below) provided by Phil Dahl who has been a  licensed Denturist practicing in the Douglas County area for the last 34  years . 

During this first consultation Phil will preform your  examination and conduct an interview in which he will ask a series of  questions and in turn listen to your wants and expectations. Through  this one on one process Phil is able to determine the best course of  action for your unique case. 


Phil conducting an initial consultation


One on one care start to finish


Step # 2


In the next step Phil will take an impression of your mouth (usually  during your initial consultation.) with that impression Phil will be  able to create a working model and begin construction of your smile  using his onsite lab. One of the advantages to having an onsite lab is  that Phil is in complete control of the construction of your case from  start to finish.  

Step #3


After the construction of your smile is complete Phil will then schedule  an appointment time for you. At that time he will deliver your  case with a personal fitting. During the personal fitting Phil will  install your new dentures and make sure they are fitting properly. At  this time if there are any ajustments to be made thanks to his onsite  lab Phil is able to make these adjustments right there on the spot.  Which is shown in the pictures below.  



Final Step

In the final step Phil will ask you if you  have any questions and give you some cleaning and care instructions.  Then you will walk out the door with your brand new smile.

Below we have listed some tips and things to keep in mind while getting used to your new dentures.

Adjusting  to your knew dentures can take anywhere from six to ten weeks. It is  very important during this adjustment period to get proper nourishment,  and have patience with yourself. 

If you have had extractions to  prepare for your new Dentures than during the first few weeks your gums  are going to be extremely tender, and chewing may seem difficult. If  this is a problem you should try eating a diet of soft foods and  liquids. It is important to get plenty of nourishment which will keep  your strength up and help in the healing process. As your gums heal you  will slowly be able to chew more solid foods. When this happens it is  important to eat slowly and remember at first to take small bites  . During this healing time you may find that small sore spots requiring  adjustments could form.  It is very important that the adjustments are  done as soon as possible after the sore spot appears. Leaving a sore  spot unattended can further impede the healing process and may delay  your recovery.  Please keep in mind that one sore spot may require a  series of small adjustments. It is also extremely important to allow  your mouth plenty of healing time.

A few tips to remember when eating:

Remember  to eat slowly at first and try to eat in an up and down motion. Chewing  laterally or side to side may dislodge the back of your dentures and  create sore spots. Keep in mind, as stated above it is important to have  any sore spots alleviated right away. So at the first sign of a sore  spot call Phil and schedule an appointment. 

More Tips and Advice:

It  is important to make your dentures apart of you as soon as possible.  Try wearing them at night, although at first you may find them on the  pillow next to you in the morning. With a little practice and patience  you will soon find that they will become a natural part of you and  eventually you will not able to sleep without them.

Keep in mind  dentures greatly diminish you biting force, where natural teeth may  exert 100 to 200 pounds of force per square inch of bite. Denture  wearers may only exert about 25 pounds per square inch. So eat slowly  and softly at first.

It is also important to clean your dentures  after every meal with a soft bristle brush. Avoid gritty pastes and  powders as they may scratch your dentures and give food particles a  place to settle and cling. Remove stains from your dentures by soaking  in a solution of ½ white vinegar, and ½ warm water for 10-15 minutes or  use Sparkle Dent denture brightener purchased through this office.

One Final Thought

It  is very important to remember that no two people or cases are alike and  recovery time depends on the individual. One of the great things that  Cascade Denture Center offers is being your sole provider from start to  finish. From your first consultation with Phil to your final adjustment  Cascade Denture Center is here with you every step of the way. 

We look forward to providing your care to helping you feel and look your best